Madaripur: Monkeys from Chormuguria

Sunday, 04th July 2010

I have found a enthusiastic rickshaw puller from madaripur and he was interested to show all the places from the madaripur. I have asked him about the monkeys from Chormuguria, and he said he can take me to that place.

We have reached the Chormuguria at 12 of noon, and it was a bit warm day. Its not the exact time for the monkeys to come out from the cool shade. I have bought some dry foods for the monkeys, and some biscuit.

Visited several possible location for the monkeys, but i think the monkeys are promised not to show their face to me. I was almost hopeless and about to return back to the town. But a local student said that there are several monkeys are available near their college.

Me and my rickshaw puller moved for the place, and both of us became happy to see plenty of monkeys were playing. These monkeys are fearless. They are not afraid of the human beings. I have thrown the foods for the monkeys and they started to fight for the foods.

People from chormuguria do not do any harm for these monkeys. I have seen that they are using the nets at the window to prevent monkeys to get inside the houese. Peopole used to say monkeys are living here before the human.

If you are planning to visit the place, I'll suggest you to go during afternoon, and take some food with you for the monkeys.