Madaripur: The lake from Madaripur town

Sunday, 04th July 2010

I've already found the district is beautiful enough for any traveler. But the beauty of the lake added another extra ornament. The blue water from the lake will please your mind easily. Most of the main infrastructures from Madaripur town was built around the lake. You can find the DC office, police station, and many more government buildings around the lake.

The academic name of the lake is "Shokuni Lake", but my friend, local people won't be able to recognize the lake by that name. They simply know the lake as "Madaripur lake". This large lake has two portion separated by a fishing net. One half is using for fish cultivation, and other one is for what I don't know.

This water tank was built by few hundreds years back by someone Raja(a king) to ease the water crisis. But now a days this is a great entertainment place for the locals. During the afternoon, it will be hard to get an empty space around the lake. Most of the people from town used to pass some pleasing time with friends here.

The sweets from the lake area are famous from Madaripur. At the corner of the lake(near the central jail), you'll find plenty of them from shops. You can taste few at there, or can take sweets to your home either. So far I remember, I have taken the "Khiri Bhog" sweet from there. Also another one called "Kacha Shondesh".