Madaripur: Khalia Peace Center

Saturday, 03rd July 2010

After visiting the Rajaram Mandir, I have entered the Peace Center(Shanti Kendra) of Khalia. Its made for the rural people so that they can get help about the agriculture, and can imply the science over their traditional techniques.

This place is also lovely for the visitors. You can pass your afternoon here. Its a wide, vast place and kool. Everything is designed and placed nicely. There are several garden inside the peace center. You can easily sit over the green grass from the peace center.

There are several ponds inside the premise. Also there are several tin shaded small place where you can sit to enjoy the beauty of the pond. Not sure fishing is allowed at the pond or not. From tekerhat bus stand, it will cost you 5 taka van(three wheel vehicle) fair.