Madaripur: Kalikhola Jomidar Bari

Sunday, 04th July 2010

I have hired a rickshaw to visit the "Jhaudi Giri" at early morning. When I was returning back from there, by this time the rickshaw puller read my intention. I'm a traveler and came here to visit the place. So he suggested me to visit some old houses of Hindu people, and a "Jomidar Bari"(palace). Initially I was reluctant to visit the place, but the alternate road somehow leads to the direction.

Shaha bari, Kalikhola, Madaripur

The first one is named as "Shaha Bari", built by someone rich merchant. The owner of the house left the house during the war 1971 with Pakistan. Before leaving the country, he somehow able to sell his properties.

After a few minutes of walking distance from the "Shaha Bari", there is another old house, and this one is much larger. Actually this is the mansion of the local Zamindar of here. I have forgot the name of the ruler.

This house is currently occupied by the local "Land Survey" section of Madaripur. 4/5 government employees used to work here. Also the old house is using by the families of these employees. From my observation, this building is not that much older compare to other Palaces from Bangladesh. But still this place is worth to visit.

Initially the people from there was apathetic to help me, and was curious about my presence here. But after a short talking with them, they started to provide information about this house. And one of the employee guided me to visit the whole mansion.


  1. is it possible to know the history of the Jamindar badi?

  2. I think it is possible by few ways.

    1) You can ask the elder people, especially who were at least around 20-25 years of old during 1971.

    2) That mansion is now currently using as "Record Office"(that keeps tracks of lands), so you can ask them.

    Unfortunately I don't know much more. Also these processes are a bit tedious and time consuming.

  3. Can you provide information about the village called Jhaudi where my maternal grandfather was a Jamindar (known locally as Boro Bhuia) and left for India around 1960s. His name was late Harischandra Guha.

    Goutom Bose

    1. Can anyone give more info about it too? I think I have also visited this place many many years ago. As far as I know it's call Shoshi Roi's Jamidar Bari!

  4. Any info about the kundu zamindars in panthapara of kalamridha?


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