Madaripur: Jhaudi Giri

Sunday, 04th July 2010

It was my second day at Madaripur district. At the early morning, I have leaved the hotel to visit the "Jhaudi Giri". Its located at the Jhaudi village of Madaripur. It cost me for 30 taka for a rickshaw. Its actually a far away from the town, will take around 40 minutes to reach the place.

Its actually a large pillar made from brick. People used to say it was made by the Mog(a tribe from Bangladesh). Its unsure why they built this large mound. But people says they made for prayer. It was much taller before, but day by day its decreasing in size.


  1. Thanks for posting the article of Jhaudi Village. I am so moved to read the article as my maternal Grandfather was the landlord of this village. His name was Harischandra Guha and was known as Boro Bhuia. Presently, we stay at Kolkata.

    Goutom Bose

  2. this village is nice, you can come and visit that someday...!

  3. Thanks.. I will surely come to the village where my ancestors used to stay.


  4. Did you visit the places named "panthapara" or "kalamridha" ?


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