Madaripur: Beautiful sunset over river Padma

Sunday, 04th July 2010

Another "second day of my travel" during weekend. Every time the Sunday comes up, I used to return once again, from another new part of the country. This time Madaripur. This district also shares the river Padma like many others.

I have crossed this river many times. And many times I have waited for watch the beautiful sunset view over this river. But every time I have obstructed by either cloud, rain, or running out of time. But this time I was desperate, and didn't want to miss the chance once again.

I have reached the Ferry doc by 6:00, and I know when the ferry will be around the middle of the river, sun will be about to down. I was feeling exciting myself, and waited for the moment over the slow ferry. Only worry was, a little amount of cloud was threatening at the western part of the sky, but fortunately it didnt block the sun.

When the time came, the sun was about to gone down, the surround environment became so bewitching that i was feeling as I am in heaven. Every face from the people colored with the orange/golden glow from the downing sun. The golden colored ray reflecting of sun from the river was mesmerizing. Not only me, but also the other people around the Ferry was also enjoying this natural beauty.

You know the downing sun doesn't hold too long over the sky. So after a short beautiful moment, its just gone down, be left a feeling as if I'm drugged up, and moving into the imaginary world. Anyway, after this beautiful moment, I came to know, I just witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset from the world. I'll definitely try to enjoy the same situation whenever I'll be returning from the southern part of my country.