Khagrachhori Stadium

Monday, 02nd August 2010

Just returned from Matiranga of Khagrachhori, and its still around 2 hours to ride on the bus for Dhaka. How to utilize the time? I have just started to reading my handout and found "Khagrachhori Stadium" can be next place for visit. Will take at max 10 minutes to explore the stadium.

Asked an auto rickshaw that used to run by Battery to take me at Khagrachhori Stadium. Within 10 minutes I have reached that place from the bus terminal. You'll find 4/5 polices are there to guard the stadium. But they will not forbid you to enter inside the stadium. Just tell them you are form Dhaka, and you are a tourist. That's it.

My last two days were too much cloudy, and with light rain. But today, it was really a bright, sunny, and hot day. If you watch the photos, you'll find it easily. From my observation, this stadium is not using for playing any game right now. The grasses of the ground are too large, and its hard to walk in fact. This stadium has a historical aspect. During the peace contract with the tribal, they have surrendered their arms at this stadium. That's why actually I have visited this historical place.