Khagrachhori: River Chengi

Sunday, 01st August 2010

During my tour at Khagrachhori, I have seen the river Chengi each and every days. No mater where you are going, the river is following you. A noticeably small river, having very shallow in depth, one can pass the river by walking easily, regardless the season. Though the river is very narrow and shallow, but the current of the river is very strong. If you simply drop a straw or any other crumb into the water, you can easily find how fast that stuffs are floating.

This river is not that much beautiful or eye pleasing due to the muddy water. Also the river used to carry lots of dry leafs from trees and grasses. But the main attraction is, how it is flowing through the mountains. If you observe the river from the top of any hill(specially "Alu Tila"), it will appear you as a giant snake from far side. So many turns and twists. I didn't find any option to enjoy a boat riding over the river. At old ages, people used to run their boats over the river for fast communication. But now a days, they are using highways. But still you can try, some local people may have some boats for their personal purpose.