Khagrachhori: Mohalchhori Lake

Sunday, 01st August 2010

It was around 3 at afternoon, and I was at Mohalchhori Bazaar of Khagrachhori. I was in a hesitation about visiting the "Mohalchhori Lake" or not. Its around 1 hour bike distance from the bazaar. The only problem is, there is only one last bust waiting at the stand. Also there will be no bus to return back from that spot.

Its raining slightly, and will increase soon. If I take a bike, it will be risky, cause the roads are narrow, and slippy due to rain. But finally shown some courage, decided to visit the place by riding a bike. I have hired a tribal guy, named "Udina Marma". His phone number is "01825757665". He is an expert crazy bike rider.

The lake is situated at "Mohalchhori Dak Banglow". After one hour, I have reached at the Mohalchhori lake. If you wish, you can stay at that Banglow at night. The lake is actually a part of Kaptai Lake. Some portion of Kaptai also felt at the border point of Khagrachhori-Rangamati.

When I have reached at the bank of the lake, where the river chengi and the lake joined together, it was my bad luck or good luck I don't know, a heavy rain just started after that, sustained for around an hour. Finding on other alternative, I had to stay under a tin shaded club house until the rain disappear. I know I can visit the lake again, but that time rain may not come as a fortune. So overall I'm happy.

Actually I had a plan to cross the lake with a boat to reach the "Nanniar Chor" to explore more, and also to have some boat ride over the river. The rain just forbid me to do so. If you visit the place, I'll suggest you to go there before 12, and the after enjoying the place, just return back before sunset. How I have returned back from there, i have narrated at my another post.