Khagrachhori: Debotar Pukur

Sunday, 01st August 2010

Debotar Pukur/Matai Pukhiri

It was the second day. I could have out from my hotel before 7 at morning. But after having some dilly-dally finally I have came outside after 9. To visit Debotar pukur, its already late. Cause you have to reach there before 9 at morning. But anyway, I have started my expedition.

You can explore the hills around the lake

There is only one bus providing the service at that route. Khagrachhori-Rangamati bus service. But this one is available only one per hour. So I had to take service from "Chander Gari" this time. This will drop me at "Mais Chhori" bazar, and it cost 15 taka for each person. I had a small chat will local people during the ride. They were suggesting me, I was already late, and its around 7 kilometer apart from the "Mais Chhori" bazar. 4 kilometer is road(but no public service avilable), and other 3 kilometer(walking) is upwards mountain ride. So they suggested me to hire a motor bike for the 4 kilometer(instead of walking). it will recover some time loss.

From the bazar, I have hired a guy, Sanwar(Phone: 01820345657) for 350 taka. He will take as for that 4 kilometer, and then will guide us up to the lake, and return back with us. That means a bike rider as well as a guide. That guy was a bit rookie. Twice his bike slipped at the risky path. Also he was having problem while the bike was riding upwards. The road was slippy, cause the water from the hills were passing over the roads, and it made it slippy. By the way, the road was made from only brick.

This beauty is just at the path of Debotar Pukur

We had to garage the bike at a village, and after that the journey for another 3 kilometers just started. The lake is at 700 feet above from the sea level. And it will take your full energy to reach at the peak. You'll find a stream, that was created from the water of the lake during your walking path. The last part of the path is really hard. Its a direct upwards path, and at a time you'll feel like this path will never end. Prudent suggest to take a break for each 25/30 steps. But I wasn't aware about that suggestion. So It was very hard for me.

You'll need to cross this stream to reach at the lake

After a hard hiking, finally I have reached at the top, where the lake is situated. I have rested there for around 15/20 minutes before another move. The lake is not that much beautiful. But, as I did a hard work to reach there, it forced to made the lake beautiful. You can have some time to explore the hills around the lake. The place is really beautiful. During the Summer, lots of people used to visit this place. This is kind of pilgrimage area for the tribal people. For example this lake is holy for the Tripura people.