Khagrachhori: Alutila view point

Saturday, 31st July 2010

Once again, another weekend, another day. I'll write about "Alutila" at my next post. But I just want to show you what we have, and what other country has. But the utilization is different and so the output.

I had a chance to visit the Shilong og India few years back. There is a tourist spot called "Shilong View point". From there you can view the whole Shilong town. The main reason for visiting the place is to watch the whole city from a single point. Otherwise the place is ordinary.

From Alutila Hill you can easily observe the whole Khagrachhori town. Also you will be able to see the river "Chengi" that meandered through the town from here. Our authority can easily announce this as "Khagrachhori View Point" to attract more tourist like Shilong. I have watched most of the people just walk around the Alutila hill and then leave. Non of them was interested to enjoy this beauty, they don't know about it.

Our country is profound with natural beauties and we can utilize this resources to make us more strong in economy.