Khagrachhori: Alutila Cave, for adventure lovers

Saturday, 31st July 2010


At the Aultila Hill, there is a cave created naturally from the stream of water. This is around 100 meter long, and very adventurous. If you are courageous and adventure lover, then this is a perfect spot to vanquish. There is no risk, nothing to worry, but hundreds of people used to return back without exploring the cave, just for lake of braveness.

A bat was flying towards outside

There is no extra ticket for the cave. The 5 taka is the entry fee to enter the Alutila Hill. If you want to explore the cave, then you can buy a torch made from local materials for 5 taka. I had torch light with me, so I didn't require to buy that one. It was around 4 or 5 at afternoon, and there was no one near the cave. I meant the tourist.

When I was about to enter the cave, I found a group of three people(one female), returning back without entering the cave. They felt nervous, and found themselves lack of braveness. They are not interested to enter that cave for anything. It was kind of scary for them. Before leaving the place, they have handed over the torches to me, and wished me best of luck.


Finally, and slowly I have entered inside the cave, I had a torch at my one hand, and shoes at my other hand. Usually it requires around 5-7 minutes to pass the cave. But I used around 40 minutes to reached at the other part. I have explored the cave slowly, observed the structures inside, and picked hundreds of pictures from inside. Most interesting part was the cold water that was flowing at bottom, over my feet. For the flash of my torch light, It appeared that a flow of golden water under the cave. Marvelous experience. For your information, I have explored the "Mowsmai Cave" from India, which was longer, and adventurous than this one.


  1. Marvellous. I have just a few days ago explored the cave and undoutedly had a thrilling. But I must suggest not to enter the cave without any companion and torch. Samad 01758636955.


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