Khagrachhari: Risky bike riding at Khagrachhori hills

Sunday, 01st August 2010

While returning from the "Naniarchor" to "Khagrachhori" town, i had no option but to hire a motor bike. After 4:45 at local time, there is no public bus transport is available at Khagrachhori. Only motor bikes are available.

I have hired "Udina Marma", a tribal bike rider. That dude was crazy. He was operating his bike over the slippy curvy roads like a hell. It just had a heavy rain, and the roads are almost deadly. I was always worrying about an accident, and when I'll open my eyes, I might be at a infirmary.

But the ride was thrilling. The narrow road was meandered through the green, and sometimes going upwards, and sometimes going downwards. But trust me, I won't do this again, unless no option once again.