Tangail: Jamuna Bridge

Thursday, 27th May 2010

The bridge over the river Jamuna is the largest bridge from the Bangladesh. Its now the 5th longest bridge from South Asia. This bridge connects the North Bengal, connection place is Sirajganj and Bhuapur of Tangail. More about the bridge is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamuna_Bridge

This bridge was open for the public during June 1998. Initially the bridge was open for all the visitors, tourists, and all pedestrians. But now this bridge is only accessible using certain kind of vehicles.

If you want to visit the place, it will be better if you take your own car, or hired car. It will allow you to cross the bridge with slow speed. Remember, its prohibited to stop your vehicles at the middle of the bridge. To cross the bridge, it will cost you 400 taka each time.