Natural beauties from Faridpur

I have visited the district for 19th and 20th of June as a part of my expedition of Bangladesh. Like other district, this one is profound with numerous scenic beauties. Also being a rainy season, everywhere were green. Sometimes the sky was bright and it was hot weather, and sometimes the sky was gloomy, and it sounds almost a rain will start. I was lucky not to get wet by the tottering rain.

Faridpur is the main supplier of Paddy and Jute. The places I have visited from Faridpur, was almost occupied with Jute fields, hardly any sign for the Paddy fields. If you observe the Faridpur, you'll find lots of Jute Mills around the town. The district has three main rivers, River Padma, River Kumar are flowing inside the district. And the river Madhumati is a trans border river with other districts. I have uploaded few beauties from the town for you.

River Madhumati

River Kumar