Natore: Shidhuli Mosque

Saturday, 29th May 2010

Its my second last day during the tour. I was out for a four days tour, and finally I was at Gurudaspur Thana of the Natore district. I was really excited to visit the "Sidhuli Mosque" At the Gurudaspur Thana of Natore.

It was around 1.5 hrs local bus journey from Natore town. I have taken a bus that will directly reach at Gurudaspur. From the Gurudaspur zero point, I have to take van to reach the Sidhuli, and from there it was around 30 minutes walk under the hot sun.

The mosque has three small domes at the top. It is situated inside a village. Currently the mosque is restored, and from my observation, the mosque is not more than 150 years of old. I don't know why the people of Bangladesh government have listed this mosque as a place of interest for Natore. You can view the photos of the mosque, and will realize how disappointing I was when I was there after a hard tough journey.