Natore: River Atrai

Saturday, 29th May 2010

River Atrai, one of the greatest river from our Northern part of the country. You'll see this river at different districts at the Northern Bangladesh. This river just meandered through from one district to another.

At Bangladesh, its entered from India through Dinajpur, then after passing several districts, its just mixed up with the great Chalan Beel. Also at different part of the country, this river just produced numerous numbers of branches from its main stream.

The photos I have added here are taken from different part of the Natore district.


  1. its a river which very few people
    know about.being someone from balurghat and knowing the popular
    fishes of it(like raikhol) i know
    how close this river is to me

  2. I simply love the beautiful sites of Atrai.I would appreciate if more images could be down loaded ( current and very old i.e pre partisian ) along with history of Atrai village.
    Thanks .


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