Natore: Rajbari of Rani Bhobani

Friday, 28th May 2010

Now I'm at the premise of the Rani Bhobani's Palace premise. This great woman was born at 1122(Bengali Almanac) at the village "Adam Dighir Chhatiyana" of Bogra district. During the period of Rani Bhabani, the Rajshahi, Pabna, Bogra, Kushtia, Jessore, Rangpur, and Murshibad, Beerbhum, Malda of India was under her. That's why she was called the "Ordho Bongeswari"(half of the ruler of Bengal). Her palace is situated at the main town of Natore, and its a lovely place for the tourist.

After the exit of the great queen, his adopted son ruled the area, and after his death, his two son separated, and the whole Zamindari was divided between them, and the part of the eldest son was known as "Boro Taraf" and the part of the youngest son was known as "Chhoto Taraf".

You'll find lots of edifices inside the Rajbari premise. One of them is the palace for the "Chhoto Torof". The youngest son of "Ram Krishna" was "Shiv Nath", and he was the first king of the "Chhoto Taraf". After 1984, for few days, the palace was used as a judge court of Natore.

At the other half, Raja "Bishwanath" was the first King of the "Bara taraf", and the Raja Jogindra Nath was the last king of this branch. The last king was gained the honor from the people for his cultural and social working ability.

The Rajbari premise comprises of several large pond inside of it. For example the largest one was the "Jol Tungi Pukur". Another one was the pond of the "Chhoto Taraf", also there are other ponds you'll find around the buildings.

There is a dilapidated palace that is known as "Rani mahal", the honorable queen Bhabani used to live here. This one was a nicely decorated and highly ornate building. But during the earthquake of 1897 Assam, it was sink almost most of it inside the ground.(For your information, along with this building, from the Northern Bengal, there are lots of edifices suffered from that massive 8.1 earthquake)

Finally, you'll fine several numbers of temples or Mandirs inside the Rajbari premise. From my count, it was around 6/7 of them. Here I have uploaded the image of the "Tarakeswar Shiva Mandir" controlled by the "Chhoto Taraf".