Rampal Dighi, Munshiganj

Rampal Dighi, Munshiganj, Bnagladesh

Rampal Dighi was one of the oldest lake (or pond) from Munshiganj district. In English Dighi means pond or lake. In current days it is very hard to find any trace of the dighi, instead you'd find a large field where farmers do cultivation. This once upon a dighi is located in Rampal union. After reading a lot about this place I was curious to visit this place. But when I have reached there I didn't find any sign of it (no trace of water either). I asked a local elderly man and he pointed towards a huge green field.

Rampal Dighi, Munshiganj, Bnagladesh
You can see some mark of water inside the green fields. Actually the water is under the green water plants.

Initially I found it hard to trust that guy. How could a vast dighi transformed into a green field. But when I looked more carefully I noticed that every sides of the dighi was occupied with Jute plants, and inside it has some water and that was covered with hyacinths and other types of water plants. Thats why it appeared like a green field to me. At the northern part of the dighi there was a house of Ballal Sen, who was the ruler of the Munshiganj (formerly known as Bikrampur), and that was the guy who dug the dighi to ease the water crisis for local people. But my pity was, I failed to locate his house. May be that was just vanished with the time.

Rampal Dighi, Munshiganj, Bnagladesh

From the map it looks like the dimension of the Rampal dighi is 750m x 350m. In recent days looks like most of its parts are occupied by the local people. They've built house at the edge of the area. Also they are doing cultivation in current days. If you are a history lover you could visit this place. When you stand in front of it you might travel back many hundred years in your mind and try to visualize how it was that time.

How to Go:

Rampal is another union of the Munshiganj sadar upazila. A nice way to go there is using a rickshaw. The scenic beauty of the rickshaw ride is magnificent. During my visit it was having a heavy rain and the journey was very very wet but lovely. From the bus stoppage it would take around 30 to 40 minutes to reach Rampal Dighi. If the rickshaw driver doesn't know where this Rampal dighi is then ask him to take you near to the Rampal college. GPS coordinate is (23°32'27.1"N, 90°29'52.9"E). After visiting this place I moved to the next attraction Baba Adam mosque which was nearer from there.

Rampal Dighi,
District: Munshiganj,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (23°32'27.1"N, 90°29'52.9"E).

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Saturday 05th June 2010


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