Munshiganj: Mawa at Rainy Season

Sunday, 13th June 2010

The beach of the Mawa is now a days a lovely tourist attractions for the people who used to enjoy a day like a picnic. Its almost like a place of Ashulia of Dhaka. You can reach Mawa from dhaka easily. There are lots of bus services available from Fulbaria of Gulstan. For example Vikrampur service, Elish, Anondo, etc.

From the bus, you have to get down at "Mawa Gol Chokkor", and then just walk few steps straight towards front(south), and you'll be at the beach at the Mawa. During the dry season, this is a vast beach. That time you can walk mile after mile without any break over the beach.

But now its rainy season, and the river has full amount of water on it. All the beaches are under the water, and you have very small amount of sand to stand to enjoy the beauty of water full Padma river.

If you love to walk, then you will not love Mawa at rainy season. But if you are a fan of river, then you'll love Mawa at rainy. Cause no more dead river here. Its hard to see the other part of the river from the beach during rainy.