Baba Adam Mosque, Munshiganj

baba adam mosque, munshiganj, bangladesh

The Mosque of Baba Adam is another ancient mosque from Bangladesh and is a protected architecture. It is located in Munshiganj district. More specifically it is in the village named Koshba of Rekabi bazar union. This mosque is also known as Baba Adam Shahi Mosjid. Baba Adam mosque is a six dome mosque that was built during 1483 by someone named Malik Kafur. It was the ruling period of Sultan Fateh Shah. The measurement of the mosque is 10m x 3.75m, and the wall of the mosque is 2 meter thick. The mosque has 6 domes in two rows. FYI, in English Mosjid means mosque.

baba adam mosque, munshiganj, bangladesh

There is a grave of a muslim saint named Baba Adam just beside the mosque. There is a story amongst the local people that Baba Adam came here during the ruling period of Ballal Sen. He came here to spread the religion Islam. But Baba Adam was killed by the order of Ballal Sen, and he was buried here later on. But as per history looks like those two people were from two different times.

baba adam mosque, munshiganj, bangladesh

How to Go:

There are several bus services run between Gulistan and Munshiganj town. Such buses are Nayan paribahan, Dhaka transport, etc. Using those buses you could reach in Munshiganj by approximately two hours. From Munshiganj it would be convenient to rely on reserved auto rickshaw instead of public transports. It would be much faster and hassle free. I came here after visiting the Rampal Dighi. It was easier for me to use a rickshaw to come here. GPS coordinate of Baba Adam mosque is (23°33'23.1"N, 90°29'47.1"E).

Baba Adam Mosque,
Rekabi bazar union,
District: Munshiganj,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (23°33'23.1"N, 90°29'47.1"E).

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Saturday, 05th June 2010