Faridpur zila school

Saturday, 19th June 2010

Faridpur town has lots of edifices those are built during the period of British Colonial era. Faridpur Zila School is one of them. This school was established during 1840. This is one of the oldest school from the country Bangladesh. People used to say, this is the Mecca for the education of Bangladesh.

Many famous people were the student of this school. Our beloved folklore poet(palli kobi) Jasimuddin was one of the great from the school. He was matriculated from that school at 1921 successfully. The quality of the school is still high as before. Even for these days, its really hard to get admission at this school, unless you are a masterclass student.

I'm not sure about the exact location of the school. Most probably its near at Alipur. Also for your convenience, I can tell you, its somewhere near to the Faridpur Police Line. Fortunately, every rickshaw puller, or auto driver know this school. So it won't be any problem for you to find this one.

The red old building from the school is still looking gorgeous. You can easily say that it was built during British era. Anyone whoever passes beside the school, and still doesn't know the name of this, will be easily attracted by the beauty of this old school. So don't miss this school from your visit list during Faridpur expedition.


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