Faridpur: Satoir Mosque at Boalmari

Sunday, 20th June 2010

I was interested to visit the Satoir Mosque that is situated at Satoir bazar of Boalmari Thana. I was at Madhukhali Thana, and just visited the Deul of Mathurapur. Initially I wasn't interested to visit the mosque, cause only way to reach there using local bus, and it will take around 1-2 hours.

But from local people I came to know that I can hire a motor cycle. So I went to the Motorcycle stand of Madhukhali Bazar, and hired a bike with a driver for 160 taka. The contact is, he will take me to the mosque, and after visiting the mosque, he will get back to this bazar with me. Using the bike, it was really time saving. After two hours I just back to the same place, and when the mosque was already visited.

Actually I was disappointed after visiting the mosque. It was actually 700 years of old mosque, but old one was totally renovated. There are lots of myth available using the mosque.

1) This mosque was built within one day by the order of Allah.
2) The four pillars of the mosque used to laugh and cry sometimes(The reason is the air passing, and it just make a different tone).
3) If you take the brick of the mosque at your house, no insect will come at our house.

These funny myth actually lured me to pass some time at that place.