Faridpur: River Madhumati

Sunday, 20th June 2010

I have hired a motorcycle to reach the village Satoir of Boalmari Thana. During my path, I have reached a village called "Noapara", and few kilometers apart from the village, there was a river flowing beside the road, and it was the river Madhumati.

This is the most beautiful river so far I have seen through out my life. The water is green, and I was amazed why the color of the river is green, where the most of used to be muddy. The bike rider confirmed me that it was generated from the main stream of river Padma. For your information, River padma has a greenish water.

This is a trans border river, and from the place I was observing the river, other side was the District Magura, one of the smallest district from my country Bangladesh.

This river is not like other rivers from the country. It is wide enough still at the starting of the rainy season. I think the river will expand more at the end of the rainy season.

There is a small "kheya ghat" that used to transport people from one bank to the other bank of the river. I didn't see any heavy vehicles like trawlers and others were passing the river. I think this is another reason to keep the river away from the impurity of the petrol oils.

The main road beside the river is a bit higher than the usual bank of other rivers. The road took a turn at that place of the river. I have found a small banyan tree there, and the rickshaw and van pullers were taking rest under the cool shadow of the tree. I believe, few decades after, the tree will be a giant one, and people will start to call the turn as "Bot toli Mor".


  1. Scenic beauty is exquisite.My father was brought up in Madaripur of Faridpur Distyrict.
    I now feel what he lost after migration from Bangladesh due tp partition.


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