Faridpur: River Kumar

Saturday, 19th June 2010

At ancient time, most of the colony established by a river, or beside a source of water. Faridpur is not different from others. This town is established beside the river "Kumar". Not that much largest or ponderous river. But somehow this river is the reason to built a town beside it.

The river Kumar is a lovely one. Specially at Ambikapur. I have visited that village and the road was almost parallel to the river. It was afternoon when I was enjoying the time beside the river. The scene is extraordinary when a village girl returning from the river after her bath. Also its fabulous when the kids from village are playing at the water of the river.

This river probably originated from the main stream of the Padma. May be somewhere at Faridpur. From the Map, I have seen that the river is still exist at Magura district. So I don't know exactly where the "Kumar" finished its course.