Faridpur: Mathurapur Deul

Sunday, 20th June 2010

This is the best place for visit from the Faridpur District. I have heard about this place when I was a student of school. From that day I was cherishing the desire to visit the place. Finally today is the day for me, a dream came true.

Mathurapur Deul, located at the Madhukhali Thana of the Faridpur district. Local people used to call this as Deul(I think its a Moth). Anyway, if you wish to visit the Deul, you have to reach the Madhukhali Thana.

If you are from Faridpur town, you can take bus from the New Bus Stand of the town. There are lots of local bus that runs on that path. Also some buses of Magura, Jhenaidah used to start from the stand. You can take those too. What you have to do is, just get down from the bus at "Madhukhali Bazar". It will take you around 20 taka for the trip, and will cost your 40 minutes.

After reaching the bus stand, take a rickshaw. I'll suggest you to take rickshaw for round trip. That means, after visiting the Deul, you'll return with the same rickshaw. Otherwise it will be hard for you to find a rickshaw from that place. For round trip, and additional 10 minutes for visiting the Deul, it will cost 30 taka.

This Deul is around 90 feet tall, and with highly ornate terraccota at the wall of it. The outer side wall of the Deul is comprises with some small "murti"(statue) using mud. Its not far from the Deul, you'll find a river named "Chandana". I didn't know about the river before, so I missed the chance to visit that. But I wish you can make that.