Faridpur: Jagodbondhu Sree Angon

Saturday 19th June 2010

Main prayer hall(Nat Mondir)

I have just arrived at the Faridpur town by 4:30 from Dhaka. The sun was going to proclaim an end for that day. I was in hurry, and decided to explore the main spots from the town. So it was the Sree Angon from the town was my first visit list from the town.

Another view of the Natmondir

This is located at Goalchamot of the town. This is between the old bus stand and the new bus stand. If you are going from old bus stand to new one, then the Angon(local people call this angon) will be at left hand side of you. If you are from new bus stand, that case it will be at right hand side.

Gorur(Godur) bird caring something

This Angon was established by the "Jagadbondhu Shundar" during the "Roth Jatra" festival of "Ashar 1306" of Bengali calendar. The land for the Angon was donated by "Sreeram Sundar" and "Sreeram Kumarmudi".

The Roth

Each days lots of "bhokto"(devotee) used to visit the place. For them, the angon has a facility for providing accommodations. It has around 30 rooms that can take 150 devotee.

This angon is a specious area, and there are several prayer hall around it. Actually I don't have that much idea about the Hindu religion(specially when it comes about prayer). If you enter the prayer halls, you have to take your shoes off.

Most interesting from the Angon premise that I found, it was the "Nouka Mondir". In my life time, I didn't hear about this. Inside the mondir, a boat is placed. The founder, Jagadbondhu used to go for a jaunt at river Padma with His devotees, and returned back during the last part of the night. I think this is the reason for such name.

Nouka Mondir

Beside the Nouka mondir, I have found a "Roth" placed inside a building. The roth was completely made from wood. This is not looked like a giant one, only a medium one. During the "Roth jatra" at Ashar of Bengali Almanac this used to exhibit for the people.

Inside the Nouka Mondir

This place is calm and relent place, no chaos from the outside life. If you pass some time inside the premise, it will simply please your mind.