Faridpur: House of Poet Jasimuddin

Saturday, 19th June 2010

Jasimuddin, the famous poet from Bangladesh, specially for his dedication to write poems about the folklore culture. He is the only poet from the country whose poems depicts the beauty of the villages and people of villages.

His village name is Ambikapur, which is just around 2 kilometers apart from the main town. You can reach the place using any kinds of vehicles. And mostly, everyone knows where the place is located. So it will be very easy for you to find the place.

The house of our beloved poet is situated by the river "Kumar". The river itself is a enchanting for its beauty and environment. Inside the house premise, you'll find the grave of the poet(actually a family grave for poet's family).

To enter inside the house premise, you'll require 5 taka per person. Inside the premise, you can see some used objects of the poet, for example camera, plates, bed, chair, some photos, etc.

The grave of the poet

You'll find lots of quotes from the poet(some from speech, some from poem, some from story). You'll love to read those from there. Specially the ones those were at your text book during your childhood education. Trust me, Jasimuddin was my favorite poet at my childhood. Cause his poems are easy to memorize, and those always related to villages.

At the outside of the house premise, its a nice picnic spot. Lots of visitors used to come to this place to pass the afternoon. The river, and the field beside the river is lovely for enjoying the beauty of the sunset. It was a bit gloomy day, and unfortunately I had to miss the sun from the sky that afternoon.

The large field beside the river is now a playing ground for the local people. They used to pass their afternoon using playing football or other local plays there. Its also a lovely scene where kids are playing. I love to watch them by sitting on a bench(for visitors, under the sheds).

During the 1st January to 18th January, there used to be a Mela at this ground by the name of the Poet. But the Mela unofficially used to extend for another 2 days. So the total duration is 20 days. I'll for sure find myself inside the Mela during next year.

Finally, I have a suggestion for you. Before entering the house premise, please set your mind, cause its not like other places. Its the house of our famous poet. Just remember your childhood days, and how his poems were. This will help you to feel the place from your heart. And I think this feelings is the main beauty of this place.


  1. I appreciate you for those nice pic and writings.

  2. vai expense ta koto jodi janaten valo hoto.


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