Faridpur: Government Rajendra University College

Saturday, 19th June 2010

The monument in front of the college building

This was my first day at Faridpur town. I have decided to visit the town using a auto, and take the snap of all the well known edifices from the town. This time my camera caught over the Rajendra Government University College.

Old academic building

This is not far away from the main town. This college was established at 1918. Initially it was listed by the government. But later on 1968 it was listed by government. This is the oldest college from the town.

Main academic building

Our famous poet "Jasim uddin" was a student from here, also he was working with the university of Kolkata from here for research purpose.

College field for playing

When I have entered inside the college premise, I have found an abandoned building. I think at the initial days of the college, it was an academic building. But accruing with the time, now some new buildings are raised up, and we don't need the old one.

The corridor of the college

Inside the college building, the pillars from the corridor are really eye catching. The round pillars are ornate at the top, and it seems the mixture some British and Muslim culture.