Faridpur: District Judge Court 1889

Sunday, 20th June 2010

Once again I'm back to the main town of the Faridpur district. This morning, I have went to the Madhukhali Thana of the district to visit some places. I didn't have that much time last afternoon to explore the main edifices from the town. So decided to visit the Judge Court from the town.

I have hired a rickshaw, and it took 15 taka to take me at the Judge Court. This is around 15 minutes away from the old bus stand of the town. Also for your information, the best hotel of the town, The Rafel's Inn is located at the Old bus stand.

I have talked with few stuffs from the court building, and they have informed me that, it was built during 1885/1886.But actual information is, the Faridpur "Zila Judge Court" was established during the 1889 by the British rulers to provide the justice for local people.

This medium sized court building is an attractive one, and not that much rush inside of it. The structure of the building is really simple, but which period it was built, you can easily read from its structure.

Inside the court building, I have found several court rooms. One room was empty, I think it was break time, and others were conducting judgment by the judges. I'm not sure whether its permitted or not to climb the second floor of the court building. But I have shown some courage to get at the top floor. Apart from the court rooms, others were occupied by the stuffs of the judge court who were doing typing, or busy with handling public people.

The court building has a "foot over" that connects to another building at the other side of the road. That building is called "Advocate's Library", where the advocates used to talk with their clients, or do some study about their cases. My god, this room has hell lot of crowds. Many men have many problems, and everyone needs solution.