Sangeet Moha Bidyalay, Dinajpur

Sangeet Moha Bidyalay, dinajpur, bangladesh

This is not a tourist attraction or anything. I saw this nice looking building from my hotel and decided to visit. This is known as Dinajpur Sangeet Maha Bidyalay which is located in Chokbazar of Dinajpur town. It is a musical school. It was established in 1994. I was staying in Hotel Al Rashid and this school was at the opposite of it.

Sangeet Moha Bidyalay, dinajpur, bangladesh

The administration building is a red colored and having a style of colonial buildings. From my observation, the building was built during the British period. The structure and the design at least say so. Initially from the far apart, I thought it was a Rajbari or something like that. But when I have reached there, I found it's a school.

Sangeet Moha Bidyalay, dinajpur, bangladesh

I have talked with an enthusiastic teacher from the school named Mr. Ishtiaque, and according to him, Bangladesh has only two musical schools, one is in Dhaka, and another one is here. He also mentioned that the school has science, arts, and other departments for the students.

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Saturday, 22nd May 2010