Dinajpur rajbari and its ruins

dinajpur rajbari
A temple inside Dinajpur rajbari.

Dinajpur Rajbari (in english Dinajpur palace) is located at the north-east part of the town. The name of the location is Raj Batika, just near to the village Rajarampur. It is quite unsure who was the owner of the place earlier. They were very wealthy and had plenty of lands around. They were mainly the Zamidar of that area who used to collect tax from the local people. Compare to the local poor people they were gigantically rich and powerful. That's why they were called as king (although not). This was their resident and known as Rajbari (king's house) to local people. The whole area is around 16 acres in size. Although most of the area is not accessible.

dinajpur rajbari
Inside Dinajpur Rajbari.

Condition in current days

In current days most of the beauties of this Dinajpur rajbari are gone. Major portion of the edifices are in ruin and dilapidate condition. However, the it has two temples inside the area. One temple inside the rajbari is well managed and actively functioning. You'd see several statues of the god and goddess of Hindu religion. The main gate (entrance) of the premise is having a statue of lion atop of it. That's why it is known as Lion's gate amongst the local people. This place has another entrance which is white in color, possibly built later.

dinajpur rajbari
White facade, before entering the Rajbari premise

So far my knowledge and till that day, this place was not acquired by Bangladesh Government. Thats why no care is taken for this Rajbari. Inside the ruins of the older part of the Rajbari few people are still living. They are throwing wastes there as well. This could have been an iconic historical heritage if it got a bit of care from us. We still have time for it I think.

dinajpur rajbari
Ruins of the Dinajpur Rajbari in the older part of the premise.

How to Go to rajbari

This Dinajpur rajbari is located in the village Rajarampur of Dinajpur town. A public transport would be too much difficult handle to go there. That's why it is better to hire a rickshaw or a battery driven three wheeler. Just ask the driver to know where you want to go. Most of the drivers from the town know about this place. And should not take much time to go as well. GPS coordinate of the Dinajpur rajbari is (25°38'48.8"N, 88°39'20.2"E).

To go Dinajpur we have several bus services available from Dhaka. Most of the buses leave for Dinajpur from Kalyanpur of Dhaka. Few quality bus services are Nabil Enterprise, Shayamoli Poribahan, etc. It takes an 8-10 hours of overnight journey based on the traffic condition. The distance between Dhaka and Dinajpur is approximately 350 kilometer.

dinajpur rajbari
Statue of Lion atop of the entrance.

Where to stay in Dinajpur

It would be best if you can stay in the Parjatan hotel of Dinajpur which is own by the government (requires advance booking). Otherwise there are several quality hotels in the town. To save money I've stayed in the Al Rashid hotel (which is one of the oldest from the town). It was only 200 Taka per night.

dinajpur rajbari

What else is nearby

The two big water tanks (or pond) is very near from the area. One is Shukh Sagar, another one is Mata Sagar. Both of those worth a visit as it doesn't take much time to explore the ponds.

dinajpur rajbari
The statue of Gorur.

dinajpur rajbari
A nice design around the wall of the temple.

dinajpur rajbari
Gate to enter inside the temple.

Dinajpur Rajbari,
Village: Rajarampur,
District: Dinajpur,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (25°38'48.8"N, 88°39'20.2"E)

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