Dinajpur: Rajarampur Rose Merry Church

Saturday, 22nd May 2010

"Rajarampur Jopmala Rani Mariar Tirtho Mondir" is located at Rajarampur village of Dinajpur town. This will take around 25-30 minutes by rickshaw to reach the church. Also for your convenience, the church is nearer to the "Mata Sagor", a huge water tank.

The church is open for the visitor after the 9:00 of morning. Before that time, you are not allowed to enter. Also you are not allowed to take photographs of the church. I don't know why this peculiar rule. But you can visit inside the church premise freely.

You'll love the white colored church. Not that much fancy, but nice one. Also the village view all around the church is also outstanding. The proximity of the church is "Shaotal Para"(Shaotal a tribe of Bangladesh), and their language is kind of different than other local people.