Gopalganj twin temple - Dinajpur

twin temple, jora mondir, gopalganj, dinajpur

Gopalganj twin temple (also known as Gopalganj jora moth) is located in Gopalganj village of Dinajpur. There we have a nice old style temple having a distance between 100 meter or less. The condition of both the temples are very poor and the villagers have occupied the surroundings. Both the temples are in dilapidated state because of lacking care.

However, both of those are having stairs to take you at the top of the temples. Stairs are through a narrow path, and no light. Also, most the steps of the stair are almost leveled, so it was hard to get at the top. I was a bit nervous for the darkness and for the rough condition of the Temple. I've only climbed till the second floor and didn't go to third one. I was able to see the other temple from the second floor. I don't know who was the owner of the temples and when those were built. If anyone having any penchant for the old architecture and history then they should visit this Twin temple.

twin temple, jora mondir, gopalganj, dinajpur
This is the stair that would lead you to upper floors.

Looking for direction from local people: During returning from the great Kantajew temple I left the bus near the stoppage at the village Gopalganj to visit this Twin temple. This is an old temple and almost in ruins. No one is taking any care of the temple in current days. If you ask local people about Twin temple they would not respond, cause they don't know the temple by this name. I had to ask them about Jora Mondir or Jora Moth which is the Bangla version of Twin temple. And it worked. I got a direction from one guy to go there.

twin temple, jora mondir, gopalganj, dinajpur

If you take any rickshaw from the bus stoppage that would be better for you. Cause it's a fair amount of distance from the bus stoppage. But I have gone there by feet. And believe me, I didn't enjoy the walking. Two reasons, one was the scorching sun, and another one was the dusty road condition. I guess because of the summer the road was having plenty of dusts. During rainy season I'd expect muds there.

twin temple, jora mondir, gopalganj, dinajpur

Anyway, finally I have reached near at the Twin temple after asking lot of local people. Inside the village you'd find two temples having 100 meters distance. The vicinity area of the temples are acquired by the local people, and they have build their own houses around the temple. A family from the nearby were very enthusiastic about my visit. They were with me during the exploration of both the temples. They have guided me and I am thankful to them for the help.

twin temple, jora mondir, gopalganj, dinajpur
Looking at the other temple through the window.

twin temple, jora mondir, gopalganj, dinajpur
The condition of the other one is really very poor.

twin temple, jora mondir, gopalganj, dinajpur
A very dark passage. Photo was taken using a flash.

Gopalganj twin temple (Gopalganj jora mondir),
Village: Gopalganj,
District: Dinajpur,
Country: Bangladesh

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Sunday, 23rd May 2010