Dinajpur: Boro Maath

Saturday, 22nd May 2010

boro math, dinajpur

"Boro Maath" or "Bara Maath" is very large ground at the center of the Dinajpur town. I'm not sure, but at the middle of the ground, there may have some graves of Martyrs, or it may be a place where people killed during 1971. I'm not sure. It would be nice if any one can verify or correct me.

Now a days, this place is used for prayer during the Eid day. Once again, this is very big ground, and it will take you around 10-15 minutes to cross the field. Beside the field, you can see a monument which to commemorate the souls of the martyrs of the 1951 language soldiers. Just the opposite of the field you'll find the DC office.

boro math, dinajpur


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  2. There is no martyrdom at Boromath. The year is not 1951, it's 1952.


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