Adinath Temple in Maheshkhali

Adinath Temple in Maheshkhali

There are few things to do in Maheshkhali island of Cox's Bazar. Apart from the natural beauties of the island there is a Hindu temple available which is known as Sree Sree Adinath Temple (or Adinath mandir). This temple is situated on top of a hillock. From the temple area you could easily observe the beauty of the Maheshkhali channel.

Adinath Temple in Maheshkhali

This temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. It is famous for the annual festival which helds here during the spring season (second half of February possibly) and lasts for 13 days. Lot of Hindu devotees along with the tourists use to visit this temple during the festival.

Adinath Temple in Maheshkhali

How to Go?

It is very easy to locate the Adinath temple as it is very near from the jetty area. Even if you walk very slowly it would take around 10/15 minutes to reach beneath the temple premise. After that you have to climb a bit as the temple is located on top of the hill. GPS Coordinate of Adinath temple is (21°31'41.0"N, 91°58'29.3"E).

Adinath Temple in Maheshkhali
Maheshkhali channel is seen from Adinath temple.

What else is nearby?

There is a Buddhist monastery located near by. If you have time you can visit that one too.

Adinath temple,
Upazila: Maheshkhali,
District: Cox's Bazar,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS Coordinate (21°31'41.0"N, 91°58'29.3"E).

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Friday, 14th May 2010