Inani Beach - Cox's Bazar

Inani Beach, Cox's Bazar

Inani beach (also known as Enani beach) is an attractive tourist spot from the Cox's Bazar district, Bangladesh. This beautiful Inani beach is located in the Ukhia Upazila of Cox's Bazar district. It is around 25 kilometer drive from Cox's Bazar to Inani beach. This beach has lot of corals which makes the water much clearer than Cox's Bazar sea beaches. For this reason lot of tourist use to visit here to see this beach. FYI, the length of the beach is around 18 kilometer.

Inani Beach, Cox's Bazar
Corals in Inani beach.

During the peak season some public transportations are available. But during the off season you have to arrange private vehicles to reach at Inani beach. I always love to hire Chander Gari (a local name of a vehicle) instead of any micro bus or private car. Cause with a Chander gari you could stand at behind and enjoy the whole road. It will take you around 30 minutes or so to reach at the Inani beach. The road is comprises with mountain at the east side of the road and the western side is the ocean. You can stop anywhere at the middle of the road and explore the surroundings.

Inani Beach, Cox's Bazar
Plenty of corals in Inani beach during low tide.

Inani beach is famous for its crystal clear water at the beach. There are two reason behind that, one is the corals in beach and second one is less people. The beach is totally different based on the high tide and low tide. During high tide you will not be able to see any Corals in the beach. Everything will be under the water. But you'll be able to see the sea snails those are walking at the beach, or you can sea the crabs. It won't be a bad idea to walk through the beach.

Inani Beach, Cox's Bazar
Tourists are walking around the corals in Inani beach.

During the low tide it's hard to see any waves in Inani beach. But you'll be amazed by the beauty of the corals from the beach. The corals are deadly. It may seem that those are just like another stone. You'll find that the water from the sea stuck between the corals. Regardless the tide the sunset from Inani beach is really beautiful. In a lucky clear day the sky can be very colorful during the sunset.

Rezul Khal (a canal) that would be on your way to Inani beach.

During your Inani beach visit you'd see quite a few fishermen (in a group or individual) are doing fishing in the beach. Not sure what they are catching, probably the baby fishes which are just hatched? Also you'd be able to see them doing the repairing of their net before the fishing. It would be a good idea to spend some time and talk with them. It would help you to know their lifestyle.

Boats under the bridge of Rezu Khal (which will be on they way to Inani beach).

How to Go:

It would best if you hire a private vehicle or Chander gari (a local vehicle) to go there. You'd see plenty of such vehicles around the city. Just ask them. Also you can hire car with the help of your hotel manager. Most of the hotels has a link with car rental companies. GPS Coordinate of the Inani beach is (21°13'49.6"N, 92°02'53.1"E). It takes around 30-40 minutes from Cox's Bazar to Inani beach. Himchori eco park would be on your way. You can give a break there to explore that area too.

You'd also see the typical Bangladeshi village scenery on the way to Inani beach.

Best time to go:

Winter is the best time to visit the Cox's Bazar as well as the Inani beach. During winter the weather is much soothing and very enjoyable. Also during this time the ocean is much calm and very rare the storm or cyclones happen in Bangladesh. So best time to go during November to February. You can go during other seasons but I think you might not like it. Another suggestion would be to go there during the full moon time. It would help you to walk around the sea beach during night (if you stay there).

Where to stay:
Find your hotels here for Inani beach.

You'd find plenty of hotels and resorts in Inani beach. That's why it would be best to stay there. Inani uses to have less crowd than Cox's Bazar beach. And most of the tourists only go there during the day and come back. That's why staying there during the night would be a good idea. Here is the list of hotels from Inani Beach.

Inani Beach / Enani Beach,
Upazila: Ukhia,
District: Cox's Bazar,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS Coordinate (21°13'49.6"N, 92°02'53.1"E).

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Saturday, 15th May 2010