Dulahazara safari park - Cox's Bazar

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar

Dulahazra safari park is located in Dulahazara, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar of Bangladesh. Which is also known as Dulhazara or Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. It's around an hour of road journey from Cox's Bazar district. This safari park comprises with natural plants and few of animals (inside as a zoo). Only the Elephant and the Hippopotamus are placed in an open places. The safari park area is around 9 square kilometer. Right now the park has animals from 165 species [1]. Main attractions from the safari park are the Black bears, Peacocks, Crocodile, Wild elephant, Hippopotamus, Tiger, Lion, Python, etc. I've liked the white peacock when I was there.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
An orange colored China-Rose flower in safari park.

There are two options for you to enjoy the Dulhazra safari park. One is the transportation facility of the park itself, and other one is by your own feet. I have used the first one, but I think walking would be the best enjoyment for this safari park. Using transport you have a limited time for each of the spots. But while walking there is no limitation. Also you can take your own vehicles with you by paying fees to the safari park authority. That case you have control over your timing to see each of the animals.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
Tourists are watching a baby elephant from close proximity.

There are several attractions inside Dulhazra safari park. After entering inside the park you'd find the orchid collection section, and a museum. Both are equally attractive. After that just a while ahead you'd have a cage of monkey (that i don't like), and a cage of python. After that you have to use vehicles (or walking).

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
A Modon tak bird?

To me another attraction of the safari park was the white peacock, and the Indian peacock. Both are equally beautiful. The Indian peacock is the colorful one and very bright, where as the white one is the rare one (kind of novelty). That was my first time to see a white peacock in my life. Thanks to the Dulhazra safari park. There are some other birds are available just near the peacock's cage. You could spend plenty of time around the birds. Most of them are colorful and not from Bangladesh.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
A white peafowl inside Dulhazara Safari Park.

After that I have moved towards the elephants and hippopotamus which are in an open place. They were not threatening for the tourists. I have watched them from the far. Also there are tigers, lions, and bears inside the zoo for you. If you haven't seen them before then it would be a nice experience for you.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
Orchid collection inside the safari park.

There is a watchtower available around 10th floored. If you can get at the top of the tower you'd enjoy the vast ocean of green plants around you. It's a lovely view from the top of the tower. The climbing is a bit tiresome but after climbing several hundred of stairs you'd find the scene around you are heavenly.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
Orchids are yet to be bloomed.

How to Go:

It would be better to have a rented car to go Dulhazar safari park as most of the tourists visit Cox's Bazar as a group. This safari park is only 40 kilometer from the Cox's bazar. I didn't use local bus services but there should be some. Look for that around the bus stoppages in Cox's Bazar town. GPS Coordinate of Dulhazra safari park is (21°40'04.8"N, 92°04'49.2"E).

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
It was showing that there could be the Star tortoise, but didn't see them. Probably they were too tiny!

Opening and closing time:

Not sure which day the Dulhazara safari park remains closed. But it uses to be open form 9:00am to 5:00pm. Hopefully it would be open during Friday and Saturday as those are the weekend days in Bangladesh. Ticket price for per adult is 20 Taka (entree fee can vary based on student or children). The parking fee for the vehicle is between 50-100 Taka.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
A Hornbill bird.

Where to stay:

List of hotels from Cox's Bazar.

Cox's Bazar is the most busiest tourist destination from Bangladesh. There are numerous hotels around the city which can accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors. Look for the list of hotels in Cox's Bazar here. After visiting the Dulhazra safari park it would be wise to stay in Cox's bazar town.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
This is the tower you have to climb to see around.

Where to Eat:

Cox's Bazar is a nice place to taste the sea fishes from Bangladesh. You'd find plenty of restaurants from the town which are serving Pomfret, Koral, Lobsters, and many other sea fishes. Those are really tasty and mouth watering. I've tried the restaurants like Niribili, Dhanshiri, Poushi, etc from Cox's Bazar. To me the food from all of those restaurants tasted more or less same. Compare to price the Poushi was a bit cheaper.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
Map of the Dulhazra safari park.


Ramu would be on your way to Dulhazara. You could give a pause in Ramu to see the Buddhist temple from there.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
Very livevly green around the Dulhazara Safari park (seen from the tower).

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
These are really big trees. I don't know the name of them.

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar
Looking towards the ground from the tower.

Dulhazara / Dulahazra safari park,
District: Cox's Bazar,
Country: Bangladesh
GPS Coordinate (21°40'04.8"N, 92°04'49.2"E).

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Sunday, 16th May 2010