A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar

Moheshkhali (also Maheshkhali) is a an attractive island that is located several kilometers apart from the main town of Cox's Bazar. This island is separated from the main land by a channel named Moheshkhali channel. That's why you have to reach the island by boat, trawler or other water vehicles. No alternative ways. It will take around 15-25 minutes to reach the island by using a speed boat. If you are using a trawler it might take a bit more but would be cheaper.

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar

Once you leave the boat in Moheshkhali you'd have to walk over a very long bridge to reach to the main land. The walking over that bridge is very exciting as it goes through the green mangrove trees. When I was there it was the time of low tide. During high tide under the bridge might get some water. After that we have used the rickshaw to explore the rest of the island. This island has several buddhist temple. You could explore them.

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
Moheshkhali channel is seen from the top of a hill.

I have a friend, who was in search for an island from bangladesh which has hills. Moheshkhali island is like one of those. It has numerous number of small hills through out the island. The size of the island is around 362 square kilometers and approximately 200 thousands people are living there (as per 1991 census). You'll find lots of pagodas at the top of the hills in Moheshkhali. Most of the pagodas are same in shape, size and golden color.

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
This lovely bridge you have to cross to reach at the mainland.

If you are lover of dry fishes (shutki), then you may want to visit some villages to see how the dry fishes are being processed. For your information most of the dry fish supply comes from this part of the country. So don't miss your opportunity. As a souvenir you could buy few of them from there if you want. Moheshkhali is also famous for its betel leafs which is known as Moheshkhalir Pan. You'd find lot of farms which are doing betel leaf cultivation (those farms are known as Paner Boroj).

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
Boats are in the canal during low tide.

The island has lots of varieties of mangrove trees at the shore. The green shore is a nice view from the boats. You can have a boat and enjoy a jaunt in the Moheshkhali channel for a while. Remember this is a lovely island where you could pass your whole day. I'd recommend you to take food with you if you are planning to pass the whole day there.

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
A pagoda is seen at the top of a hillock.

Attractions in Moheshkhali:

There are very few things you can do in Moheshkhali island. These are as below.

1. Adinath temple:

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
Adinath temple in Moheshkhali.

Adinath temple is a Hindu temple located in the island. Although it is near from the jetty but you would have to do a bit of upwards climbing (not that much stressful). Read more about Adinath temple.

2. Buddhist monastery:

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar

There is a nice Buddhist monastery available in Moheshkhali island. As it is very near from the Jetty ghat, it worths a visit. Read more about Buddhist monastery.

3. Betel leaf cultivation:

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
A farm cultivating betel leaf which is known as Paner Boroj.

Moheshkhali is famous for its Betel leaf (locally known as Paan). You'd see plenty of small farms are doing the cultivation of Betel leaf. It would be a nice and different experience to explore how they are doing the cultivation. Of course take permission from the farm owner to do so.

4. Boating around Moheshkhali channel:
A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
A lovely picturesque view with the mangrove trees during low tide.

As Moheshkhali is an island it would be a nice idea to do a bit of boat riding around the island. Specially around the Moheshkhali channel. You could see the mangrove plants at the edge of the island during your boat ride.

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
Green view of the hills in Moheskhali.

How to Go:

Being an island there is only one way to go to Moheshkhali island, which is by a boat. There are wooden boat and speed boat available. You could pick either of those based on your budget and team size. Those boats are available at Jetty ghat (or Kasturi ghat). If you ask any rickshaw or auto rickshaw driver they would take you there. It is probably 15 minutes of rickshaw journey. GPS Coordinate of the jetty ghat is (21°26'58.4"N, 91°58'12.5"E).

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
A golden colored pagoda inside the Buddhist temple.

Where to stay:

List of hotels from Cox's Bazar.

It would be very hard for you to find a quality hotel in Moheshkhali island as most of they tourist go there as a part of their day trip. So it is better to stay in Cox's Bazar for your nights. Cox's Bazar is the most busiest tourist destination from Bangladesh. There are numerous hotels around the city which can accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors. Look for the list of hotels in Cox's Bazar here.

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
A boy trying to catch fish in low tide water of a canal.

Best time to visit:

Around winter (November - February) is the best time to visit Moheshkhali island. That time the ocean remains calm and hardly seen any cyclone or storm happening. Also being winter the weather is not that much hot and makes it easy to walk around.

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar
A typical village like view inside the island.

Moheshkhali island,
Upazila: Moheshkhali,
District: Cox's Bazar,
Country: Bangladesh,
Gps coordinate (21°31'01.4"N, 91°58'41.4"E).

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Friday, 14th May 2010