Himchori eco park - Cox's Bazar

himchori, cox's bazar

Himchori (or Himchhori) is an eco park near the Cox's Bazar. During the visit of Cox's Bazar lot of tourists use to pay a visit there during the afternoon as it is very near. I have visited the Cox's Bazar lots of times before but I never felt any interest to visit the Himchori. I don't know why the place never attracted me. That place has a so called waterfall with a very narrow stream. Probably people want to go there to see that.

himchori, cox's bazar

Himchori is just around 5 kilometers apart from the main town. You can reach at that place by any kind of vehicles. To enter the premise you'd have to buy tickets which was around 20 Taka (now may be 30/40 Taka). Instead of the tiny waterfall I love the scenic beauty from the top of the eco park. Once you climb to the top you'd be able to see the ocean from there. It would be a good idea to watch the sunset from there (if possible). I think the opening and closing time of the Himchori park is 10am to 5pm. We've visited that place on our way to Inani beach. So we didn't stay there for longer.

himchori, cox's bazar
View of the ocean from the top of Himchori (known as Sea view point).

How to Go:

Being near form the main town it is very easy to go to Himchori eco park. You can go there using a rickshaw, battery driven vehicle, or a rented car. It is only five kilometer from the town. The marine drive road is very attractive as one side is the hills and other side is the open ocean. On your way to Himchori you'd enjoy the road journey. Gps coordinate of the Himchori is (21°21'19.9"N, 92°01'32.2"E).

himchori, cox's bazar

Where to stay:


As Himchori is near from the Cox's Bazar town it is better to stay in the town. Cox's Bazar is the most busiest tourist destination from Bangladesh. There are numerous hotels around the city which can accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors. Look for the list of hotels in Cox's Bazar here.

himchori, cox's bazar

Himchori eco park,
Marine drive road,
Cox's Bazar,
Gps coordinate (21°21'19.9"N, 92°01'32.2"E).

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Saturday, 15th May 2010