Bogra: Vasu Bihar

Friday, 28th May 2010

It was the early morning. I have planned to visit the vasu bihara from the Bogra. It is located at the Sibganj Thana, and around 18 kilometers apart from the town. You can reach there using any local bus, or private vehicles.

This bihar is located at a remote place. There are three main architectures from the vihar. Two of them used by the Buddhist for the meditation, and it is now called university. And other one was for the prayer. A statue was at the plinth of the vihar.

Recently there was another architecture is excavated, and prudent are guessing it might be the kitchen at that time. Still the research is going on for this issue. This whole Vasu Bihara is situated by the river Nagar. Now a days the river course has been changed, and its now a bit far from the bihar.

Not far from this bihar, there is another place called "Tuta Ram Panditer Dhap", or "Pandit Bhita" is located. The place name is "Vasu Bazar". Also there is a Dighi(large water tank) near the place.

It was a kitchen, excavated recently

This place is highly sacred for the Buddhist people. Marriage of the daughter of high commissioner of SriLanka was held at this bihar few years back.