Bogra: Shila Devir Ghat

Friday, 28th May 2010

"Shila Devir Ghat" is an archaeological spot which is situated at the Mahasthangarh of Shibganj from Bogra district. This ghat is just around 200 meter apart from the Mahastangarh, and its beside the river Korotoa.

According to the legend, the Shila Devi was the beautiful daughter of the king Parshurama, some people used to say she was the sister of the King Porshurama. After the war with King Shah Sultan, Shila Devi jumped inside the water of the Korota river to save her honor, and drowned herself.

The spot is known as the Ghat of Shila devi. But the scholars are counting this story as a myth. They believe that the original name of the place was 'Shila Dvipa', that means the island of stone. Anyway, the Hindus used to celebrate the Paus Narayani Bath annually at here.