Bogra: River Korotoa

Friday, 28th May 2010

The river korotoa is a north bengal river that is originated from the great Himalaya like many other rivers of this country. This river entered Bangladesh through the Darjileeing of India, and after that it meandered through and caring the flows from many other rivers with it.

There are many myths found about the river korotoa. People used to believe that the boat of Behula-Lakkhindar was floated at this river. Also people used to believe that the Korotoa had emerged from the water that was dropped on the hands of Lord Shiva during his wedding with Parvati.

Whatever, the beautiful river is now in a moribund situation. It has been shrunk on such a size that you'll assume this is a canal. You won't believe at first glance until anyone tell you about this. During the summer season, you can easily cross the river with a simple walk, just only needs to raise your dress a bit up. Like other rivers, the Korotoa doesn't have massive number of water flow on it. I'm not sure how long this river will survive. Bangladesh government should take some steps to save this river Korotoa.


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