Kherua Mosque in Sherpur - Bogra

kherua mosque, bogra, sherpur

District Bogra from northern part of Bangladesh is famous for several architectural heritages. This Kherua mosque is not that much big and hugely popular amongst the tourists, but worth a visit. The mosque is just around a kilometer apart from the Sherpur town of Bogra.

kherua mosque, bogra, sherpur

About the Sherua Mosque

According to the inscription of the mosque it is known that the mosque was built by Mirza Murad Khan Qakshal during 1582. This mosque has three domes at the top of it. And the measurement of the mosque is 17m x 7.5m. The mosque has four Mughal style pillar at the four corners, and at the eastern side it has three gates to allow the people to enter inside. In general the architecture is more or less similar to other mosques of sultanate era.

kherua mosque, bogra, sherpur

About my visit

It was the public holiday for the Buddha Purnima in Bangladesh. Along with few friends we have made a plan to explore the Bogra district. We've entered Bogra district through the Sherpur Thana. That's why we have picked this mosque to be explored first from the district. We had to ask several people to find the direction. But this Kherua mosque was very easy to find with the help of local people. Only problem is, there is another mosque called Sherua mosque, which is just few kilometers apart from it. That name is almost similar to hear when anyone pronounces it. So make sure that local people would understand what you are saying.

kherua mosque, bogra, sherpur

How to Go:

Sherua mosque is located in Sherpur of Bogra district. The mosque is located just a kilometer from the town. You could take a rickshaw or have a nice walk through the village to reach near the mosque. GPS coordinate of the Sherua mosque is (24°39'32.8"N, 89°25'01.5"E).


From Dhaka there are several high quality bus services run between Dhaka and Bogra. Also the town has plenty of quality hotels for night staying. FYI, Bogra is one of the developed districts from northern part of Bangladesh.

Kherua Mosque (Kherua Mosjid),
Upazila: Shepur,
District: Bogra,
Country Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (24°39'32.8"N, 89°25'01.5"E).

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Thursday, 27th May 2010


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