Bogra: Groyen dam(Groyen Badh)

Thursday, 27th May 2010

It was the holiday for the "Buddha Purnima(Full Moon)" festival. At the very first day, I have planed to visit the Dam of "Sariakandi" thana. This dam is at the giant river Jamuna. Sariakandi is away from more than one hour bus journey from Bogra town, and the condition of the road is not that much good. But the scenic beauty at the both sides of the road are enchanting.

This dam is known as "Groyen Dam". When I have reached at the Dam area, the sun was already gone. It was hard to take any picture at night. Initially it was a bit dark, but later on the full moon started to raise on the sky. It was the most beautiful evening for my tour life.

Using the moon light, it was easy to see everything around. The rays from the moon light was sometimes dripping through the floating clouds from the sky, and that made the environment more bewitching. Believe me, I didn't want to get back to the town from the dam area.

Since its a dam area, the water flow of the river was really fierce. I'm an excellent swimmer, but trust me, I'll not drive myself into that fierce water of the river. Its nothing but to invite the death if you do so. I have hired a boat, and enjoy a jaunt over the Jamuna river for few hours. This is such a place, where I'll try to get back again and again.