Bogra: Gokul Medh

Friday, 28th May 2010

The Gokul Medh is also known as "behular bashor ghor". This is located at the village Gokul of the Bogra town. Its around 11 kilometer apart from the main town, and its a part of the Mahasthangarh. This is one of the greatest archaeological discovery from the Bogra.

Local people used to believe that this was the "bashor ghor" of Behula-Lakkhindar. Lakkhindar was cursed, and it was, he will die during the first night after his marriage by the bite of a deadly poisonous snake. That's why he has built a house and it was only a small hole, and through it only the needle can pass. But that couldn't save his life. But this myth doesn't have any authentication.

Actually its a Buddhist temple, and it was built for the prayer. But during the excavation that was operated by the Bangladesh Government, a skeleton of a human was found from here. From my guess, that established the local people's belief about Behula more strongly.

I have visited the place during the Summer season. I had a nice view from the clouds of sky. I don't know how it will looks like at other season. You can share your experience during other seasons.