Goaldi mosque from Sonargaon

Sonargaon, Goaldi Mosque, narayanganj

Goaldi mosque (also Goaldi mosjid) is located in the village Goaldi of Sonargaon. Baro Bhuiyan chiefs Isa Khan and Musa Khan and prior to them some independent sultans of Bengal had their capital in Sonargaon. Besides the city and the miscellaneous picturesque establishments of state like Royal Palaces, court buildings, etc, this Goaldi mosque is one of the few remnants from the Sultanate period in Sonargaon.

Sonargaon, Goaldi Mosque, narayanganj

About Goaldi mosque

Goaldi mosque was built by Mulla Hizabar Akbar Khan in the early 16th century (1519 AD), during the reign of Alauddin Husain Shah. This is a single dome small mosque having a structure of Mughal edifices. If you are familiar with the Bagerhat's Shat Gambuj Mosque then you could easily notice that its dome is almost similar to that one. But this one is having only a single dome, and the wall of this mosque is much thicker than that of Bagerhat Mosque.

Sonargaon, Goaldi Mosque, narayanganj

How to Go to Goaldi mosque

To reach at the mosque just ask anyone around Panamnagar, and they would show you the path. My suggestion is to take a rickshaw for Taka 25 (may be more in current days) from Panamnagar of Sonargaon. It should be around 20 minutes of rickshaw drive from there. GPS coordinate of the mosque is (23°39'23.4"N, 90°35'36.5"E). Usually most of the people go there after visiting the Panamnagar.

Sonargaon, Goaldi Mosque, narayanganj

What else to do around there?

Goaldi is a nice village having plenty of greens. I'd recommend visitors to roam around the village by foot or with a rickshaw. You'd expect to see the village fields with various crops depending upon the season.

Sonargaon, Goaldi Mosque, narayanganj
A stylish column of the mosque placed at the corner.

Sonargaon, Goaldi Mosque, narayanganj
Goaldi mosque has several artworks like this one.

Sonargaon, Goaldi Mosque, narayanganj

Sonargaon, Goaldi Mosque, narayanganj

Goaldi mosque (or Goaldi mosjid),
Village: Goaldi,
Upazela: Sonargaon,
District: narayanganj,
Country Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (23°39'23.4"N, 90°35'36.5"E).

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