Abdul Hamid's Mosque - Sonargaon

Abdul Hamid's Mosque, sonargaon, narayanganj

In the village Goaldi of the Sonargaon of Narayanganj district you'd find a mosque named Abdul Hamid's Mosque. This is just at the north side of the Goaldi mosque. It would take 15-20 Taka rickshaw fare from the Panam city of Sonargaon. The original mosque was built during 1705 AD. But later on the original one renovated several times, and now a days you'd not find any old structure of the mosque. It's kind of a brand new mosque, and also there is a Madrasa (religious school) there which is having the same name as of the mosque.

Abdul Hamid's Mosque,
District: Narayanganj,
Country: Bangladesh.

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Saturday, 01st May 2010