Ponkhiraj bridge in Sonargaon

Narayanganj, Ponkhiraj Pool, Panam City Bridge

Ponkhiraj bridge (also known as Ponkhiraj pool or Panam pool) is probably a 15th century bridge that is located just near at the Panam city of Sonargaon. Before entering the Panam city you'd find the bridge easily. This bridge is over the Ponkhiraj khal (or canal). The bridge is almost like a triangle at the top of it. It would take a bit of your energy if you want to cross it (for its unusual height). Under the bridge it has three passageway, middle one is larger than other twos. This one easily allows to pass a bit larger boats. The bridge is still firm now a days.

Narayanganj, Ponkhiraj Pool, Panam City Bridge

How to Go:

From the Mograpara crossing (of Sonargaon) it would take you 15 to 20 Taka to reach near the bridge using a rickshaw. Local people know the bridge as Paman pool, or Panam bridge. GPS coordinate of the bridge is (23°39'23.4"N, 90°36'07.3"E).

Narayanganj, Ponkhiraj Pool, Panam City Bridge

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Saturday, 01st May 2010