Tomb of Fakir Lalon Shah - Kushtia

tomb of lalon fakir

Lalon Fakir (or Lalon Shah) was a famous philosopher and song writer from Bangladesh known for many popular songs related to life and sprit. He was born in around 1772 and died in 1890 in Kushtia. It was not known about his religion and also he didn't have any formal education. There is a tomb of Lalon Fakir located in Chheuria of Kushtia. The place is also known as Lalon Akhra or Lalon Mazar. Everyday lot of tourists and fan of him visit this tomb.

tomb of lalon fakir

There is an academic building available in the Lalon Akhra premise. This one is being used to research about the Lalon Fakir. I have met a guy there who was doing PhD on Lalon Fakir. Also there is a museum which comprises of several artifacts like Ek Tara and other musical instruments which were used by the famous Baul. Also you'd find Baul singers are doing practice song inside the premise. When tourists visit there they play several Lalon's song enthusiastically.

tomb of lalon fakir

My experience from the place: It was 11am in the morning. I have just visited the Tagore lodge, and then I was moving forward to visit this Tomb of Fakir Lalon. You can take a rickshaw, or you can walk the road by feet to reach near the tomb. Inside the premise there is a white tomb (or Shrine) available where the Great Baul is sleeping in peace. The tomb looks like made from wax because of its white color. Also near the tomb area you'd find several graves which are of the contemporary Baul of Lalon Shah, and few of those are the students or the followers of the Lalon Shah.

tomb of lalon fakir

How to Go to Lalon Akhra

There are several buses service available which come to Kushtia from Dhaka. Such bus services are SB Super Deluxe, Shyamoli Paribahan, etc. It takes around 4-5 hours overnight journey. All the buses leave from Gabtoli or Kolyanpur of Dhaka.

Once you are in Kushtia then it is very easy to go. Just take a rickshaw from the Kushtia town and ask them to take you at the Lalon Akhra in Chheuria. It is a landmark place in Kushtia. Everyone know about this place. It should take around 20-30 minutes by rickshaw through a calm town of Kushtia. GPS Coordinate Lalon Akhra is (23°53'44.6"N, 89°09'07.2"E)

Where to Stay in Kushtia

There are several medium quality hotels available in Kushtia town for night staying. I've stayed in the hotel Hotel River view during my staying and they allowed me to do an early checkin at 5:00am in morning.

When is the festival time

There is a festival uses to take place in Lalon Akhra. It is during the Dol purnima of the 11th month of Bangla calendar (which is usually between February-March). During that time lot of Baul use to pay homage to their spiritual leader by playing numerous songs of him. It would be a wonderful experience to be there during that time. Though it would be too much crowded.

Tomb of Fakir Lalon Shah,
District: Kushtia,
Country: Bangladesh
GPS Coordinate (23°53'44.6"N, 89°09'07.2"E).

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Saturday, 8th May 2010


  1. please help me to reach there from dhaka. give detail direction and other info.

    1. Dhaka - Kushtia using Bus... Shamoly/SB/etc from Kolyanpur... From Kushtia town you can use Rikshaw to reach to the 'Chheuria'


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